Easy Ways to Enhance the Home’s Entryway

The entrance to the home is where buyers often form some of their first impressions of the interior of the home.

However, too often, “the entryway gets neglected because it isn’t necessary in the same way that a living room sofa is,” Larina Kase, an interior designer and home stager in the Philadelphia area, told realtor.com®. “But it’s actually one of the simplest and least expensive areas to decorate to get the biggest impact.”

That said, many entryways suffer from overcrowded coat racks and oversized furniture that is making the area feel less appealing and less spacious, designers say

Here are a few simple things you can try to spice up the home’s entryway.

Easy Property Upgrades to Conserve Water

Many states are facing a drought, and home owners and renters are increasingly under pressure to conserve.

“Often we’re bombarded with a message of sacrifice and cutting back,” says Benjamin Inskeep, a research analyst at EQ Research, who helped compile “The Water Short List,” a report highlighting conservation ideas. “One of the conclusions of our paper was that simple, out-of-sight and out-of-mind [actions] offer a huge opportunity to reduce your resource consumption.”

Here are a few water-saving ideas from the report.


What is a Home Warranty, and Why Should You Consider One?

Most buyers don’t go blindly into the purchase of a home. We typically recommend a thorough, professional home inspection. This can alert buyers to any issues with the structure of a home, major mechanical systems, and many other problems that buyers may not notice while touring a home. Unfortunately, even the most in depth home inspection can’t predict everything that can go wrong with a house. After sinking a huge chunk of their savings into the downpayment for a home, many buyers would balk at the cost of replacing a suddenly broken HVAC system, or repairing a broken sewer line. A home warranty can help in these situations. If you’re not familiar with home warranties, read THIS for more info.

How to Choose a New Neighborhood

There are lots of factors that go into choosing a new neighborhood. School district, home style, price, walkability, and (of course) location are all important things to consider when you’re deciding. However, some neighborhoods can look great on paper, but still not have the feel you’re looking for. Of course, a good realtor will give you lots of guidance, but if you need some extra help, here are a few sites and tricks that can help.

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