Federal Mortgage Relief During Coronavirus Pandemic

Federal officials announced a nationwide halt to foreclosures and evictions this week, protecting millions more than 30 million Americans from losing their home as the coronavirus outbreak ravages the U.S. economy.  Read more HERE.

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Most Googled Home Styles

Farmhouse-style home design is the most Googled type of interior decoration in the U.S. Terms related to the design trends draw about 318,950 searches a month, according to data analyzed by the firm SellHouseFast.uk. Though designers recently have called the style overdone, farmhouse still appears to have the public’s affection. The next-highest Googled interior design style—rustic—was a distant second at 190,240 searches a month, the data shows.

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Fill Your Home With Spring!

If the outdoors aren’t cooperating, there are lots of ways to bring spring inside. Brighter colors, fresh plants, and cheerful prints all bring new life to your interior. Furthermore, they can help you get through this last wintery blast! If you’re still wondering how to reflect this wonderful season in your home, here are some simple ideas.

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Location, Location, Location

We’ve all heard realtors go on and on about how important a home’s location is. But why is it such a huge factor in a home’s value? And why should buyers care so much? The answer may seem obvious to some, but not everyone.

One thing realtors will always bring up is that this is the only unchangeable factor of a home. Style, landscaping, finishes, and even the number of bed and bath rooms can all be changed over time, but you cannot pick a house up and put it someplace else. Choose the location first, then think creatively about the existing homes in the area.

So, what’s the big deal about location? Well, here are a few ways it affects home values.

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Display Your Books

There are lots of reasons not to have thousands of books. First, they are HEAVY. If you’ve moved as much as I have, you know that books are a pain in the neck (and back) to transport. Also, they collect dust like crazy. If you’re not frequently pulling them off the shelves, they are just gathering filth. Plus, they just take up a lot of space, and for those of us choosing location over square footage (raises hand!), there’s not much room to spare. Plus, with e-readers and libraries, there’s just much need to keep lots of extra physical books around.

All that being said, we all have some special books that can (and should!) be displayed. Your first copy of Jane Eyre or Romeo and Juliet, a book with a special inscription, or a collection handed down to you from your grandmother can all have a special place in your heart and home. But there is no need to just stack books on a shelf all willy nilly. Here are some cool ways to display your treasured volumes.

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Easy DIY Wall Art

The internet is brimming with easy projects to fill your home and your time with, so if you don’t see any crafts that strike your fancy here, don’t be afraid to explore sites like Pinterest and HGTV.com and make a day of it.  Click HERE to read about these great ideas:

  • Washi Tape Art
  • Shower Curtain Tapestry
  • Shoebox Shelves
  • Projector Paintings
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What is the Deal with Tiny Houses?

While tiny houses may seem strange and uncomfortable to the average person, their rise in popularity didn’t come without reason. For example, during the housing crisis of 2008, tiny houses became an affordable, ecological, and adorable alternative to standard residential living. In fact, the origin story of the tiny house is actually a pretty interesting one. Tiny houses go waaay back to 1854, where famed poet and author Henry David Thoreau took a two-year sojourn in his teeny-tiny 150 square-foot cabin, which he profiled in his novel “Walden”. According to him, living in his tiny house catalyzed a deep spiritual experience, as it gave him a better sense of self and a greater appreciation for experiencing life at large by cutting out the pomp. There’s a great Washington Post article profiling the lessons and experiences he’d gained, and you can read it here.

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Beat the Winter Blues

Cold does tend to naturally make everyone glum. In the meantime, don’t panic, dear reader, the symptoms are easily beatable! You can tell the winter blues to stick it where the sun don’t shine after following these tips.

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Creative Ways to Childproof Your Home

It’s no secret that toddlers and babies alike love to roam and play, but letting your child wander even while you’re keeping a close eye on them can honestly be worrisome. It’s hard to predict which coffee table corner, which electrical socket, or which staircase they’re going to gun it towards at any given moment, so it’s best to think one step ahead and babyproof your home!

Read more HERE.

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How to Mulch Like a Pro

Some of the sweet, sweet benefits of mulching are its ability to conserve water, improve the health of your soil and keep it at a comfortable temperature, shield plant roots, and prevent weed growth. Be sure you know which mulch is right for your lawn; decorative and inorganic mulches (gravel, rocks, etc.) don’t do as great a job at staving away weed growth or shielding roots, but they do still add a pop to your yard and run a little cheaper than organic mulches if that’s all that you’re looking for. However, all and all, we highly recommend using organic mulch.

Read more HERE.

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