6 Tips To Get Your Collection of Cleaning Supplies Under Control

One thing we all have too much of are cleaning supplies. Whether you store yours under a kitchen sink, in the bathroom, in a closet—or all of the above—we’re here to help you get those unruly cleaning supplies in order.

In this installment of “Decluttering for Dummies,” we’ve got all the details from the organizing experts on how to get your collection of cleaning supplies under control.

Here are six top tips to help you clean up your act when it comes to cleaning supplies.

Home Trends That Just Don’t Make Sense

Once a home trend gets started, it’s hard to leave it behind. As certain looks start popping up on your social feed and solidifying their place on the hot list, it’s tempting to hop on the bandwagon and buy into them, too.

Yet design pros urge folks to think carefully about how they really live, day to day, before pulling the trigger on a look that seems cool. Dogs, kids, and even the weather in your region can rule out particular design elements and render them simply unworkable.

So which popular trends are overhyped and annoying once they’re inside your home? To help, here are 10 fads you may want to take a pass on, since they may just turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth.

Trends in Bathroom Floors

If a well-designed house is like a complete outfit, we like to think of the bathroom as the perfect accessory that ties everything together. It’s a little space with the power to make a big impact and a prime opportunity to make bold design choices—starting at the ground level with great flooring.

From a price and time-commitment perspective, a bathroom renovation is an ideal starting place for any fixer-upper. And because the footprint is small, the bathroom is a natural space to experiment with some up-and-coming flooring trends.

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Think Home Prices Have Gone Crazy Since the Pandemic?

Just about everyone knows it’s not a great time to be a home buyer right now. Thanks to the extreme inventory shortage, competition is fierce—and home prices have shot up by double digits since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s crazy. Could anything be harder to buy these days?

Well, yes, actually. Those who think the housing market is tough these days should try getting a puppy.

The run-up in home prices inspired Realtor.com® to look at how much prices on a variety of everyday things have changed since the world first went under lockdown. And we quickly confirmed that it wasn’t just home prices that shot up wildly over the past year.

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How To Renovate Tight Living Quarters

If you live in a small space, you’re used to having to come up with clever solutions to maximize your home’s potential. So whether you’re looking to renovate a studio apartment or small house, there are ways to make your space look chic without skimping on style or functionality.

“It’s so important to plan ahead, stick to your budget, and map out a timeline that works for your schedule to avoid having to cut corners,” says Breegan Jane, interior designer and partner at Trane Residential. “When you feel rushed or want to seek out a cheaper alternative, your renovation plans can go awry.”

Just like the size of your home, a little can go a long way. Click HERE for the must-know tips for renovating a home with limited square footage.

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