7 Home Organizing Mistakes

Achieving an organized home tops the list of common New Year’s resolutions among homeowners and renters alike—but it’s also one of the hardest goals to accomplish and maintain in the long run.

There are a number of stumbling blocks you can hit that make finishing—or even starting—the organizing process much harder.

Whether you’re taking on a small-scale task like tidying up a junk drawer or focusing on something larger like cleaning out your garage, avoid these all-too-frequent mistakes.

Snow Removal Missteps Most People Make Each Winter

When a winter storm hits, many homeowners anticipate snow removal will mean quickly shoveling walkways and driveways. But plenty of folks delay the cleanup, or do it incorrectly. And unfortunately, the ramifications of this can be fairly severe.

Not handling snow and ice removal correctly can result in major issues, including roof damage and clogged gutters. At times, mishandling snow removal can even turn dangerous.

From ignoring ice dams to not using pet-safe ice melt, be aware of these common snow removal mistakes.

Mistakes Most People Make When Putting Up Wallpaper

Wallpaper has become a home design favorite, and we can understand why. Its ability to quickly and easily transform a room has made it a go-to for many home experts, trendsetters, and DIY-ers alike. Whether you want to brighten up a kitchen or elevate a hallway, wallpaper gets the job done without having to invest a large sum of cash.

It’s no secret, however, that hanging wallpaper can sometimes be stressful. To help you better prepare for your next wallpaper DIY project, here are some common mistakes to avoid—from measuring incorrectly to not prepping walls beforehand.

Mistakes Most People Make When Winterizing Their Yard

Temperatures are dropping fast, and it’s officially starting to feel like winter is coming, but what happens when yardwork beckons? If you’re a homeowner, it can be a real pain to bundle up, go outside, and prepare your lawn and garden for the frigid months ahead.

But here’s the reality: If you don’t take care of certain yard maintenance tasks before temperatures fully plunge, you might face a mess of problems come springtime.

So put on that parka, grab your work gloves, and be sure to avoid the following yard maintenance mistakes.

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