Easy Ways to Enhance the Home’s Entryway

The entrance to the home is where buyers often form some of their first impressions of the interior of the home.

However, too often, “the entryway gets neglected because it isn’t necessary in the same way that a living room sofa is,” Larina Kase, an interior designer and home stager in the Philadelphia area, told realtor.com®. “But it’s actually one of the simplest and least expensive areas to decorate to get the biggest impact.”

That said, many entryways suffer from overcrowded coat racks and oversized furniture that is making the area feel less appealing and less spacious, designers say

Here are a few simple things you can try to spice up the home’s entryway.

How to Stage a Cozy Home in Winter

Winter can be a challenging time to sell a home. If you’re planning a winter move, let the Swedish concept of Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) guide you. Hygge doesn’t have an exact English translation, but it basically means all things cozy, comfortable, and familiar. Think hot chocolate, lit candles on a cloudy day, and warm blankets. If you’re staging your home to sell, this is just the feeling you want your house to have. So, how can you stage your home to reflect this sweet mood? Here are a few ideas.

How to Tell if a Home Has Lead Based Paint

Since 1978, the federal government has banned the sale of lead-based paint. But even homes built after 1978 may contain lead-based paint. “Many painters loved lead-based paint” because it tends to be glossier and hold color better, says home inspector Welmoed Sisson with Inspections by Bob in Maryland. “Once they learned the ban was going into effect, many of them stocked up on a cache of lead-based paint.” Sisson says he knows of inspectors who have found lead-based paint in homes built in the 1990s.

HERE is some information on testing for lead paint.

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