Dining Room: 5 Trending Looks for Small Rooms and Tight Budgets

Here’s a thought: Your dining room should be a space you actually use to eat—not just a surface to park a laptop and use as an impromptu office, or cover with the random detritus of your life. Think about all the cozy fall feels in your future if you clear your tabletop. Whether it’s for hosting a small dinner party or enjoying a romantic dinner with your partner, your dining room can be the place to be.

But we get it, a big design upgrade can be costly and disruptive. Luckily, all of the dining room improvements we found this week on Instagram can be done on the cheap.

Ready to cozy up your space? Here are five designs that will bring drama to your dining room.

6 Mistakes That Make a Room Feel Smaller

Small spaces have the potential to be cozy and charming, but if you’re not careful, they can turn into a total bummer. Over time, your collection of household items can start to resemble mountains of clutter—and before you know it, cramming it all into one tiny space can make your home feel downright uncomfortable.

Don’t let your walls close in on you! Whether you’re decorating your living room or bedroom, make sure to avoid these common mistakes that are sure to cramp your home (and style).

Bamboo: How To Manage This Highly Invasive Garden Favorite

Everybody loves bamboo—or do they? Although it can be a great way to establish a natural fence line, develop some privacy in a small space, or just get some fast-growing greenery, bamboo is also considered to be one of the most invasive plant species.

Native in parts of South and Central America, bamboo has become a favorite landscaping addition for many gardeners. But just how much bamboo is a good thing? And what do you do when your bamboo gets out of control?

Find out HERE.

Is Your Home (and Home Insurance) Ready for Extreme Weather?

Hurricanes. Heat waves. Earthquakes. Tornadoes. Today’s headlines are awash in extreme weather, and whether you blame climate change or just plain bad luck, the simple truth is that the damage from these disasters is impossible to ignore.

While no climate expert or weather forecast can divine exactly what will unfold in the coming months, one thing all Americans can do to protect themselves and their home is have a solid homeowners insurance policy. But how prepared are we on this front?

How to Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes

One of the most annoying sounds of summer might be that droning whine of a mosquito, usually followed by the telltale tingle that, oh yeah, you’ve been bitten. Summer, as we all know, is peak mosquito season—but this year’s is worse than most, and it will probably last longer.

Keep these bloodsuckers from sneaking in and around your home by taking the necessary precautions. Here’s what experts want you to know about banishing mosquitoes from your property for the remainder of the summer.

Is My Home in a Flood Zone?

Ahome’s risk of flooding—from hurricanes or a huge downpour—is probably not the first thing you’d think to check. However, the fact is that many U.S. homes lie within flood zones, so it’s essential to size up this potential and take precautions if necessary—well before you might end up underwater.

So how can you find out if your home is in a flood zone—and if it is, how can you assess the size of this risk and what protections can you put in place? Whether you own a home or are looking to buy, here’s how to figure that out.

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