5 Times It Doesn’t Pay to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Great insurance policies help homeowners sleep better at night. If something bad happens, at least you can call your insurance company, right?

Unfortunately, not being careful with your homeowners insurance claims could turn a real-life disaster into a financial catastrophe. Submit too many claims? Your premiums might rise. Submit the wrong claim? Again, your premiums might rise—and you’ll still have to cover the cost of the damage.

Truth be told, homeowners insurance isn’t as simple as “Submit claim, get paid.” To save money in the long run, you need to think carefully about whether you want to file that claim. Here are five scenarios that might end up costing you.

You Can Enjoy Your Yard This Winter

Pining for the day you’ll be able to do a cannonball into your pool, or kick back on a lush patch of grass while you bake in the ozone-depleted summer sun? Join the club. Yes, losing the use of your outdoor space due to cold weather is an annual trauma for homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be. Beat Mother Nature by following the suggestions of landscapers, decorators, and other experts who share their ideas for making the most of your backyard, patios, and deck during colder months.

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Build a Fire Pit

Wondering how to build a DIY fire pit? If you have that bag of perfectly squishy marshmallows for s’mores, some new outdoor chairs, and a friend who tells a chilling ghost story, a DIY fire pit is all you need to bring all of these elements together for summer—as well as spring, fall, and winter—nights in your backyard or on your concrete patio.

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Make Your Outdoor Space Look Expensive

The best outdoor spaces—whether they’re 100 square feet or 10,000—are carefully curated, thoughtfully designed, and, most importantly, inviting. A winner could be an oasis, a party zone, a sales lure, or just a slice of (semi) natural beauty.

Too bad, then, that so many homeowners view their high-potential outdoor spaces as an afterthought. They put off improving them because they assume they’ll need to spend a waterfall of cash on extravagant features. Au contraire! A luxe-looking outdoor oasis doesn’t require infinity pools and marble statues. In fact, you can create a relaxing, resort feel in the great outdoors in no time—and on a budget.

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Buying Outdoor Furniture?

The vestiges of summer are fast slipping away, along with all those lazy afternoons and evenings spent lounging outside. But before you hermetically seal yourself indoors for the next six months or so, consider this: Now is actually the best time to buy brand-new outdoor furniture that you can enjoy next summer.

Just as January is the hot time for “white sales” (when you can score the best deal on linens), late summer is when you’ll find some of the best prices on outdoor furniture. Whether you’re setting up a screened porch or designing your pool deck, smart buys can be had throughout September—but you have to prepare. Not boning up on the materials and forgetting to consider the climate are just a couple of ways homeowners can get burned by these seemingly awesome deals.

Don’t be that homeowner! Avoid the following six mistakes—and you’ll soon be sitting pretty on that patio. Soon enough, anyhow.

Expiration Date on Your Home’s Exterior

How long does paint last? This question might sneak up on you as your home’s exterior paint job starts looking a bit worse for wear. After all, it takes effort to keep a house in tiptop shape, and if something’s gotta give, whatever’s outdoors tends to go first.

And not just your house, but everything outside your home. Your lawn mower, gardening tools, and patio set take a beating all summer—and may soon be exposed to even harsher elements as the weather turns. All of this means that homeowners everywhere are advised to take stock of how their outdoor areas are faring.

To help, here are the expiration dates for six common exterior items, plus ways to extend their life spans so you can eke out a bit more time before you shell out for a replacement.

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