ARM vs. Fixed-Rate Mortgage:

If you’re raring to buy a home, chances are you’ll need a mortgage. But which kind of mortgage should you get?

Home loans aren’t one size fits all, but come in a variety of forms to suit home buyers in different circumstances. One good place to start figuring out your options is a mortgage calculator, where you can plug in various home prices and and have this sum broken down into monthly payments. Still, in addition to a home’s price, you should carefully consider the type of loan you get.

Two of the main types of mortgages home buyers consider getting are a fixed-rate mortgage and an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM.

So what’s the difference between these two types of home loans? In a nutshell, a fixed-rate mortgage has an interest rate that stays the same over the life of the loan. An ARM, by contrast, has an interest rate that changes over time.

Before you seek out mortgage pre-approval, let’s break down the pros and cons of each loan so you can decide which one is right for you.

4 Ways To Take Your Gardening Game to the Next Level

Last year, pandemic stay-at-home orders left many of us stuck indoors, with a lot of time on our hands. For a moment it felt like everyone and their mother was cultivating a sourdough starter and baking bread (and posting about it on social media). Many of us reverted to our preschool love of arts and crafts. And combining those urges to make food and get messy, a lot of folks took up gardening.

There’s something particularly satisfying about digging through the soil to plant flowers or vegetables, and spending hours in the fresh air. But if you’ve been gardening for a year or longer, and have gotten over the simple thrill of watching your plants thrive, it may be time to level up.

1. Germinate your own seedlings for transplanting.

2. Make your own leaf mulch.

3. Create a succession planting schedule (to extend your crop yield).

4. Preserve your garden’s bounty for the offseason.

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The Front Yard Is the New Backyard

A private backyard will always be a desirable home amenity, but the coronavirus pandemic has shown that the front yard deserves just as much attention. With the pandemic limiting our ability to see friends and family inside the home, the front yard has become the hub for safely socializing with our loved ones. From drive-by celebrations to socially distanced cocktail parties on the porch, the front yard is stealing the show as the new entertaining space—and it’s a change that’s likely here to stay.

Here are some ideas.  Read more about them HERE.

  • Make your porch a welcoming place.
  • Build a front deck or patio.
  • Create a private, quiet front yard space.
  • Add some curb appeal.


5 Easy, Earth-Friendly Ways To Create a More Eco-Conscious Home

With renewed focus on the accelerating climate crisis, many people wonder what they can do individually to make a difference. The good news is that you can have an immediate impact by instituting small changes around the house.

1. Cancel plastic from your bathroom.

2. Swap out paper products for cloth.

3. Upcycle your recycling.

4. Reduce your laundry loads.

5. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

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There Are Many Ways To Pay for a Home Remodel. Which Method Is Best?

That home-remodeling project may give you all the extra space you need. But how will you pay for it?

A survey conducted in February by San Diego-based LightStream, a national online consumer lender, found that 73% of high-income homeowners, defined as those with household incomes of more than $100,000, plan to use savings to pay for home-improvement projects, while 32% will use credit cards. The balance will secure a home-improvement loan. Many people tap more than one method to pay. But the best way to pay?

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