Yard Maintenance Mistakes Most People Make During the Fall

Summer may be in the rearview mirror, but now’s not the time to fall behind on yard maintenance. As the weather gets cooler and evenings arrive earlier, we’re all tempted to spend less time outdoors and let landscaping tasks fall by the wayside.

But now’s not the time to slack off!

Not regularly maintaining your lawn, garden, or other areas of your home’s exterior during the fall can have consequences. Don’t let the following yard maintenance mistakes turn into bigger issues.

Redecorate Your Living Room for $1K or Less

The living room is arguably the best place to express your creativity and style. It gets lots of foot traffic as it’s the place in your home where you spend considerable time relaxing and entertaining guests.

But if you feel like your living room doesn’t reflect you and your family’s personality, don’t stress! The living room is actually one of the easiest and most cost-effective rooms to revamp, as long as you’re not taking down walls, rebuilding it from scratch, or installing cabinetry.

Designers and real estate experts share their best ideas for refreshing your living room for $1,000 or less—no special tools or skills are required.  Click HERE.

How To Ace a Home Inspection and Sell Your Home Fast

The home inspection can be a particularly stressful part of the homebuying process for buyers, but the equally anxious seller might be waiting with bated breath for the results as well. The buyer is typically responsible for scheduling and paying for the home inspection, but if the house is revealed to have major issues, the seller can be on the hook for repairs—or could lose the deal entirely.

Home inspection issues like termite or mold damage can mean the seller will have to shell out money, credits, or concessions to make things right with the buyer. If the buyer is truly turned off by the home inspection results (and has a home inspection contingency), they can walk, aka a seller’s worst nightmare.

So why wait for a buyer to initiate a home inspection? If you’re preparing to sell your home, here’s how to identify any problems that can potentially stymy the sale.

5 Ways To Sell Your Home for More Money

Real estate over the last two and a half years can really be summed up by one phrase: Epic seller’s market. We’ve seen countless people list their homes and receive multiple offers over asking—all while doing the bare minimum to fix up or market their property. Home sellers, we have to be honest here: you’ve had it made in the shade.

And while the current real estate market still technically favors sellers, experts see a balance on the horizon that’ll put buyers and sellers on more even ground. The result? Home sellers can no longer bank on getting a bunch of offers over asking.

So if you’re about to list your house and want to maximize your profits (who doesn’t?!) there are plenty of strategies you and your real estate agent can employ.

Here’s how to get a higher price for your home—without spending a penny more than you initially planned for.

Signs You’re Looking at a Cheaply Flipped Kitchen

If you’re a buyer in the market for a move in-ready home, you’re bound to see a few properties that were purchased with the intent to be sold as flips. A flipped house is one that has been purchased by someone (typically an investor), fixed up, put back on the market, and sold for more money. The most successful house flippers do this as quickly as possible.

So just like you would look under the hood of a car before buying it, you should also scrutinize that Pinterest-perfect kitchen with its updated cabinets, gleaming countertops, and shiny appliances.

Here are some signs of a cheaply flipped kitchen that warrant investigation.

Things First-time Homebuyers Need After Moving In—and Always Forget

First-time homebuyers are no doubt excited when they move in, and eager to furnish their new digs with all the essentials. But here’s the rub: While they may be thrilled to buy the perfect coffee table and ottomans—and those things are certainly nice to have—they may not be exactly necessary.

In the excitement of setting up your first house, it’s all too easy to overlook a few items that will truly come in handy.

Curious about what you might be missing? Behold these eight surprising must-haves to add to your cart, plus some advice on picking the best of the bunch.

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