Mistakes Most People Make When Winterizing Their Yard

Temperatures are dropping fast, and it’s officially starting to feel like winter is coming, but what happens when yardwork beckons? If you’re a homeowner, it can be a real pain to bundle up, go outside, and prepare your lawn and garden for the frigid months ahead.

But here’s the reality: If you don’t take care of certain yard maintenance tasks before temperatures fully plunge, you might face a mess of problems come springtime.

So put on that parka, grab your work gloves, and be sure to avoid the following yard maintenance mistakes.

Yard Maintenance Mistakes Most People Make During the Fall

Summer may be in the rearview mirror, but now’s not the time to fall behind on yard maintenance. As the weather gets cooler and evenings arrive earlier, we’re all tempted to spend less time outdoors and let landscaping tasks fall by the wayside.

But now’s not the time to slack off!

Not regularly maintaining your lawn, garden, or other areas of your home’s exterior during the fall can have consequences. Don’t let the following yard maintenance mistakes turn into bigger issues.

Redecorate Your Living Room for $1K or Less

The living room is arguably the best place to express your creativity and style. It gets lots of foot traffic as it’s the place in your home where you spend considerable time relaxing and entertaining guests.

But if you feel like your living room doesn’t reflect you and your family’s personality, don’t stress! The living room is actually one of the easiest and most cost-effective rooms to revamp, as long as you’re not taking down walls, rebuilding it from scratch, or installing cabinetry.

Designers and real estate experts share their best ideas for refreshing your living room for $1,000 or less—no special tools or skills are required.  Click HERE.

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