4 Ways To Take Your Gardening Game to the Next Level

Last year, pandemic stay-at-home orders left many of us stuck indoors, with a lot of time on our hands. For a moment it felt like everyone and their mother was cultivating a sourdough starter and baking bread (and posting about it on social media). Many of us reverted to our preschool love of arts and crafts. And combining those urges to make food and get messy, a lot of folks took up gardening.

There’s something particularly satisfying about digging through the soil to plant flowers or vegetables, and spending hours in the fresh air. But if you’ve been gardening for a year or longer, and have gotten over the simple thrill of watching your plants thrive, it may be time to level up.

1. Germinate your own seedlings for transplanting.

2. Make your own leaf mulch.

3. Create a succession planting schedule (to extend your crop yield).

4. Preserve your garden’s bounty for the offseason.

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