Buying Outdoor Furniture?

The vestiges of summer are fast slipping away, along with all those lazy afternoons and evenings spent lounging outside. But before you hermetically seal yourself indoors for the next six months or so, consider this: Now is actually the best time to buy brand-new outdoor furniture that you can enjoy next summer.

Just as January is the hot time for “white sales” (when you can score the best deal on linens), late summer is when you’ll find some of the best prices on outdoor furniture. Whether you’re setting up a screened porch or designing your pool deck, smart buys can be had throughout September—but you have to prepare. Not boning up on the materials and forgetting to consider the climate are just a couple of ways homeowners can get burned by these seemingly awesome deals.

Don’t be that homeowner! Avoid the following six mistakes—and you’ll soon be sitting pretty on that patio. Soon enough, anyhow.