Upgrades Owners Think Are Necessary Before Selling

Many home sellers, keenly aware that buyers are seeking move-in-ready properties, believe that certain remodeling projects are necessary in order to sell. In particular, sellers anticipate bathroom and kitchen upgrades to be the most enticing for house hunters, according to a survey from home improvement website Porch.com.

Some of the upgrades can be quite pricey. Millennials are most likely to a kitchen redo is necessary before putting their home on the market. Older generations, on the other hand, looked to less expensive improvements. Baby boomers and Gen Xers said interior painting is the most necessary renovation project

How to Handle a Real Estate Deal in a Pandemic

If you are buying, selling or looking for a home, you are not alone in having questions right now. Or in being a little shaken up.

Restrictions to movement, a plunging financial market and uncertainty about future income, all because of the coronavirus pandemic, have upended plans to buy and sell homes overnight. Real estate activity has slowed considerably as buyers, sellers and agents try to figure out the path forward.

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Tips For Selling Your Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Life is changing incredibly fast during the coronavirus pandemic and many industries are following suit, including real estate. While some sellers are deciding to pull their homes off the market and try to sell at a different time, that may not be an option for everyone.

With that in mind, if you are trying to sell your home in this market, there are some things that you can do to help keep everyone involved as safe and healthy as possible. Click HERE learn more.

Coronavirus is Changing Homebuying

Home sellers are canceling open houses. Lenders are extending the time it takes to close a deal. Realtors are skipping the live walkthrough, giving video tours instead.

From going to the office to dining out, there’s virtually no aspect of American life untouched by the coronavirus, and that now includes buying and selling a home.

A brisk housing market is expected to cool a bit as fallout from the virus, including layoffs and statewide mandates that most residents stay home, prevents some people from going through with a purchase.

But for those continuing their housing search or in the midst of a sale, the coronavirus is upending the hunt for a home.

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Most Googled Home Styles

Farmhouse-style home design is the most Googled type of interior decoration in the U.S. Terms related to the design trends draw about 318,950 searches a month, according to data analyzed by the firm SellHouseFast.uk. Though designers recently have called the style overdone, farmhouse still appears to have the public’s affection. The next-highest Googled interior design style—rustic—was a distant second at 190,240 searches a month, the data shows.