Display Your Books

There are lots of reasons not to have thousands of books. First, they are HEAVY. If you’ve moved as much as I have, you know that books are a pain in the neck (and back) to transport. Also, they collect dust like crazy. If you’re not frequently pulling them off the shelves, they are just gathering filth. Plus, they just take up a lot of space, and for those of us choosing location over square footage (raises hand!), there’s not much room to spare. Plus, with e-readers and libraries, there’s just much need to keep lots of extra physical books around.

All that being said, we all have some special books that can (and should!) be displayed. Your first copy of Jane Eyre or Romeo and Juliet, a book with a special inscription, or a collection handed down to you from your grandmother can all have a special place in your heart and home. But there is no need to just stack books on a shelf all willy nilly. Here are some cool ways to display your treasured volumes.