Where to Get Decorative Inspiration

A house becomes a home for many owners once it’s furnished and decorated, reflecting their personal tastes. But a little over half of consumers—53%—say their home is only partly furnished and decorated to their satisfaction, while 23% say very little about their home is designed to their liking, according to a new survey of 1,850 Americans by home improvement resource Improvenet.

The survey shows how consumers are shopping for decorative items: For example, respondents say they’re most willing to spend extra money on quality and style when buying a sofa or sectional, mattress, television, refrigerator, and dining table and chairs. They get the most inspiration for their style in a store (38%) or through social media (30%). Only 12% say they get inspiration from their friends or family, and 5% from interior designers. The majority tend to buy furniture in person, at 74%, but 26% say they buy furniture online, the survey shows.