Reclaimed Wood Becomes Hot Accessory in New Homes

More homeowners are using reclaimed wood from barns, factories, and log cabins to decorate their modern homes, The Wall Street Journal reports. They’re using the reclaimed wood to decorate everything from ceilings and flooring to window accents. “They want it to look as primitive as possible,” Klaas Armster, co-author of the upcoming book Reclaimed Wood: A Field Guide, told the Journal.

Old-growth timber is no longer available in the U.S. construction industry. Suppliers today use wood from trees cultivated to grow fast that can be quickly processed into timber. Homeowners looking for antique wood from mature trees are calling on wood-reclamation companies to look for planks to reuse. They can be costly. Large structures of wood can cost anywhere from $300,000 to $1.5 million. On a smaller scale, homeowners may find costs much lower, such as $55,000 to use reclaimed accents on their kitchen or living room ceilings.

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How Badly Does a Foreclosure Hurt Credit Scores?

A strong housing market over the last few years has put the foreclosure crisis in the rearview mirror, but many Americans are still haunted by their past housing challenges. New data shows that they should be able to comfortably leave their past behind them.

In 2018, there were more than 600,000 homes in foreclosure in the U.S., the lowest number since the days of the 2008 financial crisis. Foreclosures peaked at 2.9 million in 2010.

Homeowners who faced a foreclosure saw it ding their credit scores and impact their ability to buy real estate in the future. LendingTree researchers recently analyzed how credit scores trend after a foreclosure. They assessed the loan terms offered to borrowers with a foreclosure on their record compared to those without.

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Take Caution Before Drilling Holes in the Walls

Drilling a hole in the wall to hang pictures or a TV might sound like a simple DIY project. But handyman services are warning that homeowners could do a lot of damage to a home if they aren’t careful.

Many homes have pipes and wires that run through a wall. Homeowners who are unaware of these could risk personal injury or serious damage to their home.® recently featured safety tips to avoid hole-drilling nightmares.  Read more HERE.

Fall Landscaping Trends: Jewel Tones, Cozy Vibes

A newer color palette with jewel tones is taking hold in landscaping, and it’s among the hotter trends for this fall, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Seventy-seven percent of Americans report relaxing in their yards at least once a month, according to a survey from Engine’s Caravan, conducted on behalf of the NALP. Carving out an inviting outdoor space is becoming increasingly important for homeowners.

The NALP recently released a list of its top outdoor fall staples for the coming season.

Tips to Reach Your Best Credit Score

Only about 1.4% of the population has a perfect 850 on their FICO credit score. “Achieving a perfect credit score is largely out of your hands,” Riley Adams, a licensed certified public accountant and senior financial analyst for Google, told Apartment Therapy. It can take years to build up a perfect credit score of paying bills on time and paying off debts.

Apartment Therapy recently asked financial experts how consumers can improve their score and inch closer to an 850. Here are a FEW TIPS.

Agents Find Homes for People & Puppies

Kelcey Otten, a real estate professional with Compass in Manhattan,  will often bring two small dogs she fosters with her on showing tours to pet-friendly apartments. She’ll bring the pups in her purse on a property tour. “I thought if I could bring my foster pups with me on buyer tours, then I could expose them to a larger pool of potential adopters,” Otten said to the The New York Times. She hopes that she’ll be able to find the foster dogs a home while also closing a real estate deal.

Some potential buyers are also seeking out animal-loving agents. Eileen Mandel told NYT that she wanted to work with Otten as her real estate agent because she and her husband have three rescue dogs. They wanted a pet-savvy broker to help them find a home in New York City. “My top priority was finding a place that would accommodate all of my dogs,” Mandel said to NYT.

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