Closed Churches Are Being Saved, Transformed Into Homes

For Sale signs in front of places of worship are becoming more common as attendance at smaller churches dwindles. Some developers and home buyers are stepping in to transform the churches into their new home. A handful of former churches are being converted into single-family homes or apartments.

In the U.S., church membership has been decreasing over the past two decades. About 50% of Americans belonged to a church, synagogue, or mosque in 2018, down from nearly 70% in the 1990s, a Gallup poll shows.

As attendance declines across nearly all denominations, the need for buildings to hold them has decreased.

A former place of worship for sale can be difficult to market, in having to respect former parishioners’ ties to the building and to find the right buyer who wants the size and configuration of a former church for their residence.

But some developers believe that a former church can be transformed into a unique, appealing home.  Read more HERE.